Scope of Work

  • CDUN will carry out and draw upon current research and evidence on the social epidemiology of health with respect to drug use.
  • It will incorporate a developmentally progressive approach to empowerment, observing that the influence of an enabling environment is vital and experientially cumulative across the life course of individuals caught up in the a profound cyclic predicament of dependence on drugs in order for true Social Reintegration to happen.

Our Cross-Cutting Advocacy Agenda

In the context of Drug use Coalition of drug users in Nepal seeks to actively lead the  Advocacy Agenda for Drug Prevention, Drug  treatment, care and support, Increasing access to broader options of antiretroviral drugs for DUs  who need them, prevention of vertical transmission among FIDUs and their children, HIVtreatment, HIV testing and counseling, Treatment literacy, Diagnostics and monitoring (viral load, CD4 count and drug resistance), Psychosocial support, Human rights, Eradicating stigma and discrimination (and protecting the right to confidentiality and privacy), Sexual and reproductive health rights, Ending criminalization of drug users and  HIV non-disclosure, potential or perceived exposure, or non-intentional transmission, Elimination of restrictions on entry, stay and residence, CABA and OVC Children Who use Drugs, Community mobilization, evidence based advocacy, Involvement of Drug Users and PLHIV (in service delivery, policy and programming in a meaning full way as opposed to tokenistic), equitable allocation of resources/funding for the HIV response and viral hepatitis, facilitating the engagement of key populations in networks of people living with HIV, Networks capacity building, and new science and research.

CDUN will also seek to cooperate and work with other  regional and national networks, strengthening technical capacity and governance of constituency/community-based organizations and networks such as, National Association of PLHIV in Nepal (NAP+N); National Federation of Women Living with HIV and AIDS (NFWLHA); JagritiMahilaMahaSangh (JMMS – a network of FSWs); Recovering Nepal (RN – a network of drug users/IDUs); Dristi Nepal (a network of female drug user/IDUs); Federation of Sexual and Gender Minorities of Nepal (FSGMN) by supporting the greater and meaningful involvement, to plan, commission and use strategic information to strengthen coordination among all HIV partners and networks.

CDUN will also engage and assistthe Networks and KAPs communities in preparing themselves for participating in the ongoing discussions to position themselves for the post 2016 scenario, through enhancing Evidence Based Advocacy Skills.

CDUN brings diversity as well as learning and sharing of rich experiences to the DU community. CDUN will always strive to listen to and empathize with marginalized, disadvantaged and vulnerable target groups and communities to understand their needs and requirements and CDUN will endeavor to support its “Secretariat and /or Executive  Team” towards meeting those needs.


Coalition of Drug Users in Nepal

Address: Bhimshengola-9 Kathmandu, Nepal

P0.Box: C/0 of Youth Vision, 44600

Phone: + 977 - 9803407732 (President)