CDUN Declaration

In trying to affiliate everyone involved, CDUN attempts to bring together a coherent and cohesive, evidence based advocacy agenda. It attempts to bring together an irrefutable community voice that reflects the true realities of the Drug User on the ground. It attempts to consolidate the collective experiential lessons learned by drug users who later became service providers themselves to care for their peers, in a discriminating world, since others would not.

CDUN endeavors to promote best practices and evidence generated through project processes, to inform Health, Human Rights and Social Policy, in order to create a larger social impact for Drug Users. It attempts to change social perception towards drug users by empowering them to lead noble and productive lives with progressive careers contributing holistically to society. It strives to fight for the attainment of the highest standard of quality healthcare and its delivery in a non-discriminatory and dignified manner regardless of status of drug use being regular, sporadic, discreet or abstinent through advocating for a health and human rights based approach substantiated by evidence. CDUN Advocates for the equitable allocation of resources for community, rights and gender (CRG) activities as well as community systems strengthening and investing in infrastructure for sustainability.

It brings to the table a pure and selfless form of radical activism known as impactivism, with a seriousness of purpose. It rejoices in the integrity, solidarity and unity of its activist members and binds them with a social responsibility towards upcoming generations of would be Drug users.


Coalition of Drug Users in Nepal

Address: Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu, Nepal

P0.Box: 9999

Phone: + 977 - 9803407732 (President)